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month review...

Well the month is over, I made it. Well almost, I broke a whopping two days early because of 4th of July and the promise of pancakes and grass fed beef burgers. So Satruday for breakfast we had pancakes and bacon. It was.....odd. The bacon in particular. Not bad, not even not good, but VERY VERY salty. The pancakes were tasty as hell but really heavy. They were TINY and I could only handle two, and three slices of bacon (anyone who knows me knows that I can put away much more food than that). I had a bit of a cramp afterwards. This however got me thinking of the next step in my experiment. After a month of strict vegan, lets see what happens when I toss it all out the window completely for  a day or two?

After breakfast we cleaned up and met up with my old friend to go boating on the pond. Very nice! By the time we got back to camp I was oddly,uncomfortably hungry. It reminded me of the sensation I used to get when I was heavy, after a late night of big big eating to wake up still hungry. Full belly but insanely HUNGRY, like there is a monster in your stomach. I don't know what causes this as it doesnt seem to make sense, but I know it totally plays into the whole over eating cycle idea. Anyway so, for dinner we did the grass fed beef burgers. I put some irish farmhouse cheddar and a little mayo on mine (going all out, remember?). It was good - quite good actually, but by no means the satisfying flavor punch I expected. Was planning on indulging in ice cream after to top off the day but I was just stuffed, heavy. We went to the fireworks, then came back and made a campfire. I drank lots of beer (happy 4th). Next day we packed up and headed home. We decided to stop at Chipotle for dinner. Now I had had Chipotle recently, stayed vegan (easy to do there actually) and had found it to be delicious, satisfying and not uncomfortable incapacitating like it usually is when bogged down by meat, cheese and sour cream. Yesterday I decided to still forgo the meat but added the cheese and sour cream. It was delicious....but I feel SICK today. I dont know if it's just from the burrito, or from a combination of everything I ate Saturday as well (more likely) but I tell ya.....none of the non vegan stuff was really all that fantastic and I do not feel good. I'm flegmmy, my stomach hurts, Im sluggish......not at all worth it! This definitely proved something to me though. I am going to continue to avoid animal products strictly because I felt better not eating them. Now I am still not saying "give up altogether". I do not want to vilify good quality meats, fishes and dairy and I'm sure I will continue to eat these in moderation. But this all just made me realize the meat is not the necessary staple we as Americans make it out to be. There is SO MUCH FOOD on this planet, so much of it is better for you as well! I would recommend a vegan trial to anyone. It's easy, tasty and eye opening :)


two weeks, one day, still vegan, still no issues with it. Well ok ONE issue was on Sunday, went to Mohegan Sun for fathers day with Bill and his fam and they decided to do the buffet for dinner. My choices were.....nasty shriveled salad bar or nasty jarred overcooked pasta marinara with veggies. Needless to say I went home hungry and snacked on crackers.Good thing I had lots of bloody maries with olives before hand.

Took Bill to a vegan friendly place for dinner on Friday. Was delicious but pricy. It was wierd though, I grabbed a piece of bok choy off Bills plate (he had ordered short ribs) and didn't realize it had soaked up a ton of the gravy.....it was WEIRD!!! Not bad necessarily but very very intense, sort of shocking, the flavor. Almost like I had taken a spoonful of grease.We'll see what happens after the month is up and how (and if) I go about incorporating meat back in. I do have grass fed beef in my freezer that I have been dying to try.

Oh yeah, 9 pounds down, feeling good :)

twelve days in

well my period was KILLER. I think it was a combination of all the soy, plus I had hardly had time to adjust to the new diet before it hit. Wednesday was the last day of it, and while the cramps has finally subsided I was exhausted all day, and my body temperature seemed very low. I felt a lot better when I got up and moved around. Yesterday and today I have felt 100% fine though. Weight is the same it was three days ago, which doesn't surprise me because I did eat tofu drowning in salty unhealthy sauce last night, and spring roll (yes vegan does not exactly mean healthy.lol). Back on track today though, and feeling perfectly normal. I will definitely last the month I think, easily.

Going to see Food, Inc tonight. I'm looking forward to being completely infuriated by yet another food documentary :)

Vegan (cont.)

OK so day nine, 7 lbs down, period pains over and feeling good. Gotta say however, the last couple nights have been hunger central, and I always end up snacking. Probably not a terrible thing but I have been making Bill roast beef sandwiches for his lunch and they keep being......very tempting. It's weird because roast beef isn't even one of my favorites, I think I may be starting to miss the texture and substance that only MEEEAT can bring. HOPEFULLY it'll pass.....cuz it's sort of annoying.  Watched the Future of Food on Hulu yesterday and made up my mind to do everyrhing in my power to buy only local and organic. Even if I go back to dairy or meat, it will be in limited amounts from local farms. Seeing films like that and King Corn DISGUST me, and I cannot believe the state of food production in our country. It's heartbreaking.

I'm eating a big bowl of the most delicious organic cherries and strawberries for breakfast now (nomnomnom). My coffee tastes a little wierd though, don't know why....other than that it's a cheap brand. Will have to grind some organic beans next time I go to Good Health (where I do my organic shopping)

On an OT note, I have a voice lesson today. First since April when I thought I was moving back to NYC. A bit scared because until last week I had hardly been practicing, but I desperately need it. Wish me luck!


OK so 8 days ago I embarked on a month long vegan trial. Many people have told me I should keep a journal so, here goes...

First of all, let me say that my main reason for attempting this is health. This year I have not been taking care of myself as well as I should have been, and after doing a lot of research decided that to spend a month cutting all animal products from my diet and greatly upping my vegetable/grain intake is a good way to cleanse my system, and get back on track. That said...well besides being good for me it doesn't take a genius to figure it out is good for the animals, the planet and the economy to boycott animal food products. So hey, why not? I do not know if I will continue a vegan, or even a vegetarian lifestyle. My goal is to greatly reduce the amount of animal food products I do consume because it is healthier in better in all the ways I just listed.

OK so a week and one half day in and this is my recount up until now. For the first couple days I had a little mental hunger, but was able to ignore it pretty well. Made home made organic black bean soup with cilantro and avocado (DELICIOUS). Ate that for a few days, froze the rest. Have been eating a LOT of veggies, beans, brown rice. Now Bill (my bf) of course is not with me on this so I have been cooking him his meat, but so far I have not been tempted to eat it. Honestly, this has all been pretty easy! I thought I would be ready to murder someone for a piece of cheese by now.... but I'm not!

Up till yesterday I felt pretty fantastic. More energy, clear skin, and once again knowing the difference between hunger and cravings. My body now tells me when my blood sugar is low and I should eat something, as opposed to my brain telling me "hey wouldn't a cheeseburger be great right now".  I've lost about 6lbs so far, though I probably gained 5 over my birthday weekend alone ;)

Yesterday I got my period, and let me tell ya....this is a bad one. Not NEARLY as bad as I see some of my friends go through every month, but bad for me. My friend Regan has told me she can't eat soy within a week of hers or she pretty much can't function, so I'm thinking that has something to do with it. I HAVE been eating a lot of soy, using soy milk on my cereal. So yesterday and today, I have had a lot of cramping, bloating and fatigue but I know this will pass. And my skin is still A LOT clearer than it usually is this time of the month.

So that's where I'm at right now. Ill probably make myself a salad for lunch in a few, I'm having fun finding and trying vegan recipes though it's been a bit hard to adjust to. Im used to making one entree, and a side or two for Bill and I. Now with me not eating meat it's taking a little readjusting, but really it isn't nearly as hard as I expected. If I can do this folks, honestly, anyone can.

I will keep ya posted :)

6 years behind the times...IM ON LJ

yup! Im finally doing it!!! mostly so that friends can send me private entries but also, I wanted some way to keep a blog of this month (well it will be three weeks now) that I am attempting veganism. Stay tuned......



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